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Creating a client's dream environment is one of the most important undertakings there can be.

Our philosophy is to manage the project at every level. Working hand in hand with the architects, designers and suppliers.

Managing the quality of all the services. From collaboration on design, understanding building codes, working with suppliers and timely delivery. 

Overseeing the construction of the project for the ultimate end results is what we strive to do.  

All done with an artistic point of view that this is where you want to live not simply exist.




The quality of the project is what comes first. Whether it's the choice of flooring, tiles, finishes of wood such as Wenge, Zebra Wood, Mahogony.

Or fixtures in lighting, hardware and plumbing.  The understanding of luxury elements are of key importance to the ultimate outcome of each project.

Knowing the details of each and every element is how we approach the work that we do. No stone unturned.

Every decision is one that is supported with knowledge and intelligence meant to provide a lasting image for every client's need and desire.



 The notion of luxury is in the details. Not only the selection of the elements you use in the design define a truly luxury look.

Good taste is the key word in creating a space that defines the client's personality. It's what is created on paper, in drawings and mood boards.

However it is also where the consulting person's job is most important. Knowing what is on trend. What works.

What looks good, comes from doing it. Well. Again and again with success.

Experience in dealing with high end fixtures, methods and construction is the defining moment of every job.

Perfomance to assist and deliver the most beautiful living space the ultimate luxury.


BATH 2_edited.jpg
ART SPACE_edited.jpg
SQUARE TOILET_edited.jpg


Entrusting a person to help you with the renovation of your personal space is of extreme importance. 

You need a person willing to remove the pressure of the situation and manage it. To be there with a critical eye in the day to day development and progress of the project. Someone willing to be there 24/7.

We believe that success is achieved with a collaboration that keeps the client informed, involved and able to witness the progress.

It is this expertise that we bring to every project we touch.


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